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Are you looking for snack vending machine refills supplies? Established in 2005, we cover all aspects of business vending and catering. Krols are specialists in providing a complete range of stylish, freestanding and tabletop machines, serving a large selection of snacks, hot and cold drinks. 


Whether you’re looking for a small machine for a small office or a tailored multi-machine solution for large location we have a solution for every environment including:

  • Cold drinks vending supply

  • Coffee vending supplies

  • Confectionery & snack stock

  • Bean to cup coffee refill

Our business offers top quality equipment from leading vending manufactures such as Crane, Coffetek, Westomatic, Evoca (Necta) Group and more.

Vending Machine Supplies UK


Offering a wide range of products, our aim is to provide affordable and reliable new machines for sale, lease or hire. We also offer Rent FREE options to customers with 75+ staff regular on site.  As well as fully managed solutions and self operated services for businesses throughout the United Kingdom.


Why Buy From Us?


  • All our new equipment comes with minimum 3 years warranty as standard.

  • Regular visits and servicing by our experienced and friendly team.

  • Cleaning and filling services available

  • 95% same day Express callout breakdown response and repair.

  • Rent Free options available for site with 75+ staff on site.


So if you’re a company or individual in need of refreshment solutions and looking to find a vending machine that is right for you. Our friendly and experienced team will help you to find right and cost effective solution for your requirements. We will tailor our solution for any budget, as well as deliver, install and provide necessary training and phone support. We will always  give you independent advice on the best type of vending machine for your operation. You can rely on us to keep you stocked up and supported by our professional and highly trained team.


Order Snack and Drink Vending Supplies Online

More Information about our Rent FREE option: 


We look after your vending facilities so you can look after your business.


Here at KV&C we understand that getting a vending machine for your premises can seem a daunting prospect. You may need a vending solution for your business but may be unsure which machine is right for you, what long-term expenditures you may face, how much it will cost, or what you need to do to keep the machine running smoothly. With our Free Vending solution you can put your mind at ease

We have a large choice of machines, both in size and variety, which can suit any environment and provide a vast range of products. We offer a tailored mix of products, modern machines and cashless/contactless options to deliver a proficient service, convenient for your visitors and staff, keeping them refreshed and energised throughout the day.


As a leading vending machine supplier throughout the United Kingdom, we have an experienced and friendly customer team ready to help you find the perfect vending solution for you. Our dedication to unparalleled service will ensure that your company’s refreshment needs will be taken care of, leaving you and your staff to do what you do best.


Getting started with our free vending option is very, very simple. Just get in touch and we will go through your machine options, discuss the finer details (how long you want the machine, what products you’d like it to vend, etc) and set a date for us to deliver and install the machine.

Are you interested in Micro market vending? 


If you want to use a micro market solution, the customer simply picks up the snack, drink, food or hot beverage they wish to buy and then pays for the items at the self-checkout kiosk. Micro market kiosks can offer wide variety of payment options such as  cards, cash, apple pay and many more.

Micro markets from Krols Vending & Catering offers customers a convenience of shop with traditional vending options. It will deliver a massive new range of selection, service, and excitement to your canteen, office kitchen and work campus. Having a fully automated solution will offer great benefits to your staff, as well as financial saving to the company if compared to running staff-operated canteen. Please call us today to arrange free consultation and no obligation quote. We can, also offer free demonstration. 

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