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Are you looking for vending machines for sale UK?  Look no further! Established in 2005, Krols are specialists in providing a complete range of stylish, freestanding and tabletop machines, serving a large selection of snacks, hot and cold drinks. 


Whether you’re looking for a small machine for a small office or a tailored multi-machine solution for large location we have a solution for every environment including:

  • Cold drinks machines

  • Floor standing coffee machines

  • Confectionery & snack machines

  • Bean to cup coffee machines

  • Table top coffee machines

  • Water dispensers

  • Micro-Market Vending Solutions

Our business offers top quality equipment from leading manufactures such as Crane, Coffetek, Westomatic, Evoca (Necta) Group and more.

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Offering a wide range of products, our aim is to provide affordable and reliable new machines for sale, lease or hire. We also offer Rent FREE options to customers with 75+ staff regular on site.  As well as fully managed solutions and self operated services for businesses throughout the United Kingdom.


Why Buy From Us?


  • All our new equipment comes with minimum 3 years warranty as standard.

  • Regular visits and servicing by our experienced and friendly team.

  • Cleaning and filling services available

  • 95% same day Express callout breakdown response and repair.

  • Rent Free options available for site with 75+ staff on site.


So if you’re a company or individual in need of refreshment solutions and looking to find a automatic dispenser  that is right for you. Our friendly and experienced team will help you to find right and cost effective solution for your requirements. We will tailor our solution for any budget, as well as deliver, install and provide necessary training and phone support. We will always  give you independent advice on the best type of machine for your operation. You can rely on us to keep you stocked up and supported by our professional and highly trained team.


Snack and Drink Vending Machines to Purchase in the United Kingdom

More Information about our Rent FREE option: 


Here at KV&C we understand that getting one for your premises can seem a daunting prospect. You may need a solution for your business but may be unsure which machine is right for you, what long-term expenditures you may face, how much it will cost, or what you need to do to keep the machine running smoothly. With our Free Vending solution you can put your mind at ease.

We have a large choice of machines, both in size and variety, which can suit any environment and provide a vast range of products. We offer a tailored mix of products, modern machines and cashless/contactless options to deliver a proficient service, convenient for your visitors and staff, keeping them refreshed and energised throughout the day.


As a leading supplier throughout the United Kingdom, we have an experienced and friendly customer team ready to help you find the perfect one for you. Our dedication to unparalleled service will ensure that your company’s refreshment needs will be taken care of, leaving you and your staff to do what you do best.


Just get in touch and we will go through your machine options, discuss the finer details (how long you want the machine, what products you’d like it to vend, etc) and set a date for us to deliver and install the machine.

Are you interested in Micro market vending? 


If you want to use a micro market solution, the customer simply picks up the snack, drink, food or hot beverage they wish to buy and then pays for the items at the self-checkout kiosk. Micro market kiosks can offer wide variety of payment options such as  cards, cash, apple pay and many more.

Micro markets from Krols offer customers a convenience of shop with traditional options. It will deliver a massive new range of selection, service, and excitement to your canteen, office kitchen and work campus. Having a fully automated solution will offer great benefits to your staff, as well as financial saving to the company if compared to running staff-operated canteen. Please call us today to arrange free consultation and no obligation quote. We can, also offer free demonstration. 

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If you thought that machines only sell sodas, chips and candy, then you need to rethink again. Currently, there are many  for sale, which vend almost anything you can think of. Taking a trip around the world or even just in the UK alone, will reveal a wide range of options, which come in different forms and suited to custom purposes.


As a business proprietor. The most crucial element is ensuring that the machine serves your needs at the same time has the most significant impact on your business. The cost of the machine should not be such an issue since nowadays, you can easily get a very good refurbished vending machine at a budget.


Here are the main types of machines being offered in the market.


1. Coffee and Hot Beverage 

These are the most common and popular product that you can find in the UK. This item gets you covered whether you are a business person wanting to have it for your employees, or need to vend some hot drinks in a private place. The coffee machine is the perfect addition to your business.


The high technology transformation in the industry means that users no longer have to contend with the previous powdery taste associated with earlier coffee machines. This element has made getting coffee from a dispenser as good as buying it from any high-end beverage making shop. You should therefore not have an excuse of why your employees, customers and staff should not enjoy a tasty beverage at any time of the day.


With the available mechanisms for sale in the industry, your users should have an easy way to access and purchase great coffee conveniently. Available for purchase are diverse types of coffee machines. The most common kinds in the trade include the instant free-standing machines as well as the table toping one, which conveniently delivers a freshly made cup of coffee directly from the machines bean.

To avoid confusion when it comes to selecting the best coffee machine that suits you, focus on your end-user or staff to meet their needs.

Purchasable Coin-Operated Machines United Kingdom 


2. Cold beverage 

Nothing beats the satisfaction of opening a cold beverage after an arduous day at work. This fact makes these machines a must have in the workplace. Another good thing about these machines is that you can find them anywhere in the UK. The machines are also very customizable, depending on whether you need a dedicated one for a busy retail business, or to provide some cold drinks for your staff. Either way, they come with the option to feed them with sodas, energy drinks or any healthy preference of your choice.


Similarly, in case you are conscious of the cost of purchasing a new vending machine, be aware that you don’t have to buy one out rightly. Some companies will give you the option to rent or even lease for a certain time hence easing your budget concerns.

Also, some enterprises offer after-sales services with the purchase of any of these machines like restocking, free advice on in-demand drinks on the market, thereby ensuring you are up-to-date with your customers’ demands.


3. Fresh Foods 

Having these machines remains one of the best ways to not only guarantee your staff have nourishing and fresh food, but also ensure they don’t have to leave the workplace during lunch or dinner time. Especially for businesses without kitchenettes and work canteens, this option remains to be the only viable way to get instant food.


With the increasing popularity for healthy eating among people worldwide, fresh foods are now in huge demand and almost a must-have in most modern workplaces. Most of these machines come with a wide range of product choices. Likewise, provide favourite employee items like salads, wraps, alongside popular varieties like yoghurt, pies and sausage rolls.

Beverage & Snack Dispenser Bargain


Better still, you can tailor your machine to have a variety that suits all the demands of your workforce. For instance, it can be custom-made to accommodate vegetarians or users with food allergies.

Besides, most food machines come equipped with a large front transparent glass to allow users to see all that is available for selection.


4. Combo Drink and Snack Machines

This machine offers food and drinks from a single apparatus. To prevent delays and enhance productivity, this is the machine for your place of work. It comes with dual temperature capabilities hence allowing both snacks and drinks to co-exist at optimum temperatures.


These vending devices are best suited for gyms, universities, offices and also clinics. Also, the machines are highly flexible hence allowing users and operators alike, the chance to modify it in accordance with the consumers’ requirements.

Besides, the machines can be easily altered back to either a specific drink or snack vendor if the need arises. You can also buy the devices at a budget that suits you since both new and used machines are available for sale.


5. Water coolers

The water cooler is the most common form of the dispensers. The importance of this machine cannot be overemphasised enough, be it in the office, or any other working environment. Having one nearby will do more than improve output at the office but also increase morale.


The cooler has selections to either serve, chilled, or room temperature water. Others have the capability to dispense hot water. Similarly, most companies will provide you with an after-sales service depending on their purchase terms. For instance, you don’t have to have concerns about your machine continually breaking up, since the firms ensure you have continued support and maintenance.Equally, having a water cooler in your premises gives the added benefit of bringing the perception of a healthy performing working environment.


Lastly, if you are beginning your search on vendor on sale, make sure to check first the outlets selling within your area to cut transportation costs. Secondly, look at quality and company reputation, especially from previous feedback from clients. And most significantly, buy a vending machine that suits your necessities. 


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